Roboduck Football Update

2014-07-22 17:01:05 by torpedolab

Right, so just published a pretty big post-jam update for Roboduck Football. I felt that it needed to be wrapped up and wanted to try out some other rules/powerups.

* Improved AI: Although still thick as cottage cheese, at least now the AI is able to think a few commands ahead, will prioritise certain commands and desires, and will try a bit harder to score goals. Sometimes the opponent might even try to sabotage your own moves.
* New Command: Kick. Kick is now a normal movement command rather than a random powerup. Hopefully this will give you a bit more control over what's happening and make the game less luck-based.
* New Command: Stop. Makes a robot stop on that tile. It will start moving in the next turn. Good for defense.
* New Powerup: Goal shield. This powerup will close your goal for three rounds. Very good for defense.
* New Powerup: Command Bonus. Gives you one more command to place each turn (max 5). Resets when someone scores a goal.
* Graphics: Added splash screen, transitions, tidied up main menu screen. Reticule showing when you are over an illegal tile.
* Audio controls added to main menu.
* Various bug fixes.

Guardian Rock Theme Song

2009-08-31 12:43:11 by torpedolab


I've received lots of e-mails and comments about the theme song for my new game (seems my songs are the most popular part of my games...), so just like i did with Super Briefcase some weeks ago, here it is:

Torpedolab - Guardian Rock Theme

Thanks for all the support and comments. I solved some nasty bugs thanks to NG users.
It would be really cheesy if I ended this post with "ROCK ON!", so


Super Briefcase Theme Song

2009-08-08 15:48:24 by torpedolab

I've received a lot of comments and emails about the music for Super Briefcase, so on popular demand I've uploaded the theme song, for free download. Enjoy!

Torpedolab - No Shelter (Super Briefcase Theme)

Also, thanks to all people who have been reviewing the game. A lot of great input and ideas! I'm pretty new here and I gotta say this community is awesome.

Now: A cold beer and back to working on my next game, scheduled to be released in a few weeks. The project is a lot bigger than Super Briefcase, but those of you who enjoyed the retro look of SB will probably like this one too.