Entry #1

Super Briefcase Theme Song

2009-08-08 15:48:24 by torpedolab

I've received a lot of comments and emails about the music for Super Briefcase, so on popular demand I've uploaded the theme song, for free download. Enjoy!

Torpedolab - No Shelter (Super Briefcase Theme)

Also, thanks to all people who have been reviewing the game. A lot of great input and ideas! I'm pretty new here and I gotta say this community is awesome.

Now: A cold beer and back to working on my next game, scheduled to be released in a few weeks. The project is a lot bigger than Super Briefcase, but those of you who enjoyed the retro look of SB will probably like this one too.



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2009-08-08 17:10:51

Wow, you composed that chiptune yourself? Kudos, I found that to be the most impressive part of the game (not that the rest was poortly executed; I just love that type of music). You're probably already aware of this, but there's also an Audio Portal on Newgrounds where you can submit that kind of stuff. That way it's easier for NGers to rate and comment on the song itself.

torpedolab responds:

Hey, thanks man. I looked quickly at the NG Audio Portal, and I will definitely upload a few of my other chiptunes there.

As it looks, everything that goes up is public domain, right? I didn't want to give the SB theme song to the public domain and encourage people to make movies / games with that tune in, as I made it as a theme song especially for this game.

But i'm gonna add a few other chiptunes some day, would be cool to see if anyone picks one up and uses it in a game/movie.


2009-08-09 01:26:12

Your game is brilliant, and the music fits with it well. The overall work gives a nostalgic feeling. Thanks for the great work.


2009-08-31 12:02:50

Cool Game! But Could You Please Upload Guardian Rocks Main Theme :D