Entry #3

Roboduck Football Update

2014-07-22 17:01:05 by torpedolab

Right, so just published a pretty big post-jam update for Roboduck Football. I felt that it needed to be wrapped up and wanted to try out some other rules/powerups.

* Improved AI: Although still thick as cottage cheese, at least now the AI is able to think a few commands ahead, will prioritise certain commands and desires, and will try a bit harder to score goals. Sometimes the opponent might even try to sabotage your own moves.
* New Command: Kick. Kick is now a normal movement command rather than a random powerup. Hopefully this will give you a bit more control over what's happening and make the game less luck-based.
* New Command: Stop. Makes a robot stop on that tile. It will start moving in the next turn. Good for defense.
* New Powerup: Goal shield. This powerup will close your goal for three rounds. Very good for defense.
* New Powerup: Command Bonus. Gives you one more command to place each turn (max 5). Resets when someone scores a goal.
* Graphics: Added splash screen, transitions, tidied up main menu screen. Reticule showing when you are over an illegal tile.
* Audio controls added to main menu.
* Various bug fixes.



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2014-07-23 10:23:04

This really is an awesome game and it's cool to see it keep getting better! One thing that I keep noticing is when I click to kick, I feel like it drastically bypasses where I am seeing the arrow at the moment I click... I'm usually pretty good at timer-based button tapping events like that. Is there any chance it's tracking based on mouse-release vs mouse-click? Otherwise maybe the arrow could spin just a tiny bit slower, or check to be sure there isn't anything else going on where the kick direction is overshooting where the arrow was the moment players click...

What version of Construct2 are you using?

(Updated ) torpedolab responds:

Hey Tom,

Had to have a look in the code, and yes, you're right! It actually tracks on release. I'm using the space bar myself (that was the only input early in development) so I never picked up on this myself, and I haven't received much player feedback. I think it definitely makes sense to change it to on-click when you're doing a timing based action.

Will try it out a bit for myself and see how it feels, then make an update.

I'm using r175, personal license.

Thanks so much for the feedback, really helps!

EDIT: Yep, much better now.

/ Stefan


2014-07-24 09:36:01

Awesome! I'm glad I asked about that now. :)